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Your wallet
for the crypto era.

Boasting all the cryptos
in one humble wallet.

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Your wallet for the crypto era.

Ginco, the easiest crypto wallet allows you to safely manage your digital assets on your smartphone. Send and receive funds with incomparable low fees. Six blockchains and 17 cryptocurrencies are supported, which includes Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, EthereumClassic, and ERC20 tokens. Many more coins and blockchains will be added soon.

Feature 01

High level of security

You are the only one to have control over your private key.

Ginco utilizes military level cryptography and private-key security to ensure ultimate privacy and protection. We are providing the best solution to safely manage your Bitcoin and other digital assets.

What is a private-type wallet?
Feature 02

No need for

Accessible and smart design.

Ginco’s carefully designed interface allows our app to be the most accessible wallet available. Whether you’re an expert or someone new to cryptocurrency, our app will get you up and running in a matter of seconds. Send, Receive, and Exchange immediately, stress-free.

Feature 03

Quick and
easy exchange

Everything you need is here.

All features you need to manage your crypto asset. We provide it! We support multiple blockchains with a portfolio overview displaying all of your digital assets. Not to mention, the Ginco Exchange will provide you an instant token swap experience without even moving your digital assets outside your wallet.

What is an ICO?
Crypto Dictionary

What is a private-type wallet?

A private-type wallet is where the wallet provider doesn't hold user's private key on a centralized managed server.

Each user manages their own private key, a code that grants access to the asset. Hence, you are the only one who can gain access.

A private-type wallet differs from a centralized wallet or a web wallet because it is designed to protect user's asset against outside access and hacking.

Moreover, a private-type wallet lets users to send and receive funds directly to other users instead of via exchages transfers which usually involves complicated process.

Ginco wallet is a private-type wallet that provides you with a safe and secure crypto experience.

Crypto Dictionary


ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a way to raise funds in crypto currencies.

Before the term ICO emerged, this method used to be known as "crowd sale". The naming convention of ICO was taken from the term IPO (Initial Public Offering), which describes the first time a stock of a private company is offered to the public.

Usually, a company or a project that launches an ICO issues its own token. During an ICO, buyers pay Bitcoin or Ethereum in exchange for the new token. However, the price of the token is undetermined before it is listed on any exchange. That is why people participate in an ICO and hope the token price to skyrocket after it is listed.

The world is going through an ICO bubble, and many people participate in ICOs without further understanding of the projects. There are companies with malicous intentions where they dissappear after the funds are raised. Anyone should take great caution when participating in any ICO. To explain it simply, there are three categories of ICOs: Equity tokens, currency tokens and donation tokens.

Equity tokens:token holders can enjoy certain privilege or benefit within the service such as reciving divident of the profit earned by the company.

Currency tokens:the tokens used as a currency such as Bitcoins, to make payments in substitute for fiat currency.

Donation tokens:people purchase this type of tokens to support the projects and usually, without expecting returns.

Any ICO token can belong to one or more catagories from the above.

Supported Assets


  • 2018 Feb.
  • 2018 Mar.
  • 2018 〜Apr.
  • 2018 May
  • Within 2018

Our Team


Muuto Morikawa

Muuto founded Alta Apps while attending Kyoto University. He started developing crypto wallets and provided blockchain related consulting services. He is now the CEO of Ginco Inc. which is a company on its way to become the next generation bank of the crypto currency era. He has many publications including two books, and one of which - "Introduction to Blockchain" was a top seller in the cryptography category on


Yohei Fusayasu

Yohei studied masters in Computer Science at Kobe University. His studies focused on voice recognition and natural language processing. He then joined a blockchain company as a UI/UX designer before joining LINE Pay as a Business Strategy Manager. He is now the COO of Ginco Inc.


Masataka Morishita

Masataka’s studies in university and masters focused on natural language processing, A.I., and deep learning. After graduating he joined a game server infrastructure development venture company. Now he heads the development team in Ginco Inc. as the CTO.

Business Development Executive

Monika Ohashi

After graduating from University of British Columbia with a Sociology major, Monika moved to Japan. She started working in a PR agency. She has extensive experience working with large foreign corporates in various industries ranging from IT, finance, EC, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Blockchain Engineer

Ippo Matsui

Ippo studied Optimization Theory, and obtained his masters degree in System Informatics at Kobe University. He was commissioned for several web venture projects and helped multiple service launches. After graduating, he joined Cookpad as an engineer and was in charge of planning and implementation of marketing measures.

Blockchain Engineer

Tatsuya Nishikawa

Tatsuya studied masters in quantum chemistry computing at Kobe University. During his studies he was working for a web production company for application development and launch. Afterwards he joined Dell and was the lead IOS engineer for an iOs app, Kurashiru.

Blockchain Engineer

Soichi Sumi

Soichi studied computer science in Osaka University. He then continued his research in software engineering and machine learning, and also proposed a method for accelerating program auto-correction. In 2017, he joined Recruit Holdings, as an Architect Team member, he designed and developed foundation code such as verification mechanism, and engaged in technical selection and formulation of implementation policy. In 2018, he joined Ginco and is now responsible for Ginco’s infrastructure building and operation, and will also be developing Ginco’s API server.

Blockchain Engineer

Tomokazu Kozuma

After getting master's degree from Tokyo Institute of Technology, he joined CyberAgent. He was involved in establishing jointventures, and planning and developing smartphone games as a serverside engineer.

Blockchain Engineer

Seita Uchimura

Seita decided to take a break from International Christian University and joined Ginco as an intern. He is in charge of developing Ethereum smart contract, serverside, and R&D.

Blockchain Engineer

Hiroki Nanjo

Hiroki is studying at the University of Electro-Communications and joined Ginco in January 2018 as an intern. He is developing internal tools and also is involved with Ginco's R&D.

Sales Representative

Haruto Ishikawa

Haruto studied business management and international development in Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University. He was fascinated by the potential of the blockchain and decided to explore its potentials with Ginco. Haruto is now in charge of establishing overseas bases.

Regional Magnager

Yuma Furubayashi

After graduating from Kokushikan University, Yuma joined a web consulting firm. He has clients range from housemakers, large communication company, recruiting firm, to non-profit organizations. He is now in charge of setting up Ginco's oversea bases.


Satoshi Miyazaki

Satoshi studied International Politics in Aoyama University. He worked for the marketing division for a NPO and a communication company. He is now working in the HR and Media team.

Service Planner

Sogen Toyama

After studying in Denmark, Sogen returned to Japan and studied Business Administration in Asia Pacific University. He became interested in Blockchain technology in early 2017, and joined Ginco Inc. He is now in assisting in marketing and CS.


Kiko Bandai

Kiko joined Wantedly after graduating from Kyoto University with a major in Economics. He helped building the marketing team in Wantedly Visit and was in charge of production of advertisement in Wantedly People.

Media Manager

Kenji Fujimoto

Kenji was editing for a few information such as “RURUBU” and “PIA” while studying in Kobe University. After graduating, he joined a publisher in Tokyo, and established the contents creating department. Kenji is now in charge of contents creatingand contents editing in Ginco.


Takanori Hirohashi

After studying Product Design in Shibaura Institute of Technology, Takanori started his career as a designer in Tokyo. He is now designing UX and UI for Ginco app.

Creative Director

Kazuki Ohmori

Kazuki is a self-taught designer. He was working in a design consulting firm as a creative and web designer, and was also a coding graphic designer. He is now the designer of Ginco Inc.


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